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Bronze Male - Rufus

Newfoundlands - This large dog with its massive head and gentle eyes personifies loyalty and protection.  In fact, the Newfoundland stands for devotion and courage world-wide.

During the nineteenth century this gentle dog became something of a status symbol in many European countries.  Then, as now, it was surrounded by a rich history of service-carrying lifelines to stricken vessels, aiding drowning victims, helping fishermen with their nets, and saving children from harm.  

The Newfie was, and still is, appreciated as an all-purpose dog. It can hunt, guard flocks and houses, and pull a wagon occupied with a child.  Its popularity was further enhanced when Sir Edwin Landseer featured a black and white Newfoundland in a painting.  The two-colored variety of the breed has since been known as the Landseer.

Newfoundlands make excellent rescue dogs and training is simplified because of the breed's intelligence and love of water.  They have webbed feet and are strong swimmers.  A Newfoundland will respond to a call for help from a drowning victim and bring the person to shore.

5 week old black puppy
kissing a girl.

Bronze Adult Female

4 month old black female puppy

For all its bulk a Newfoundland is a docile, easy-going pet.  It's loyalty is unwavering.  This dog becomes so deeply attached to its master that it cannot bear to be separated, much less change owners.   A playful dog, it gets along great with children with whom it is the traditional play-mate and protector.

Bodacious - Bronze and White Male

Wild Bill's Ranch Newfies offers only the best Newfies for our customers.  With over 25 years experience, our superior genetic characteristics enable us to offer black, bronze and Landseer puppies that are known for their good looks, sound bodies, intelligence, trainability, calm temperament and family loyalty.

We take great pride in our Newfies.  They not only get plenty of exercise, which includes swimming, but a lot of interaction with adults and children.  We give them a lot of TLC.  We give them our best and they give us theirs.

Black puppy bearing gifts.

Clifford - Landseer 180 lb. Sire

Our puppies will have shots and deworming up-to-date, vet checked with a health certificate and fully guaranteed.  We also offer after sale support, world-wide shipping and stud service.

We have satisfied customers in Canada, throughout the United States and as far away a Chile and Europe.  You can receive references upon request. Visitors are always welcome to stop in and inspect our newly constructed training facility designed and approved by U.S.D.A.  

Wild Bill's Ranch Newfies - where champions are born and bred, not bought and sold.

Dafney - adult Landseer female.


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